About us

SAJC was established in 2003 as one of the first fleet administration companies specializing in the Aarto Act and the implications thereof on fleets and the individual

The Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act, No 45 of 1998 (AARTO), can have a devastating effect on any company with a fleet when enforcement orders are issued; and when operator’s card’s and driver’s licenses are suspended or cancelled

At the same time, proxies and individuals can be arrested for warrants of arrest issued in terms of the National Road Traffic Act of 1996 and admin marks can block vehicles from being licensed. Therefore this has a representative available 24/7 for such emergencies

As a transporter, your concern should be ensuring that deliveries take place on schedule and the burden of traffic fines and licenses should be entrusted to SAJC.

Let us lift his frustration, of being sent from pillar to post and standing in queues of your shoulders.

Our services include:
Licensing, police clearance, new registrations and change of ownership
Scraping of vehicles and applications for RC1
Number plates and disks
Representation on and payment of traffic fines
Redirections of traffic fines